Benefits of the Electronic Single Window

Apply and receive documents online

You will be able to create and submit Licences, Permits, Certificates and other document (LPCO) applications, edit previously created applications and obtain approval, all online without having to physically visit the offices of those government agencies working with the Electronic Single Window (ESW), referred to as Participating Government Agencies (PGAs). Multiple PGAs can review one application and you benefit from a faster, more transparent process.

Explore duties and requirements before importing

Interactive tools will guide you through the product classification process. This will reduce errors in describing commodities, account for trade agreements, provide duty rates, outline requirements and determine what LPCOs are needed, thereby improving data quality and expediting the approval process.

Clarify questions interactively

The PGAs will be able to ask you questions online to clarify the nature of the subject goods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A1. The ESW is an online tool that will make your trade-related business transactions with the government easier and more efficient. It will provide you with the ability to go online to apply for, and obtain, the required licence, permit, certificate or other documents required to import or export products, without having to physically visit government offices. Businesses will also be able to research HS Codes and duty rates for commodities and check on the status of an application, all online.

The ESW will allow Participating Government Agencies (PGA) to accept and approve your application online and schedule inspections electronically. Inspectors will have the ability to release shipments onsite through a mobile device.
A2. The ESW will be launched in January 2017.
A3. The ESW is for anyone or any business in Barbados involved in the import or export of goods, including handling and transportation. This includes importers, exporters, brokers transporters, de-consolidators and vessel operators.
A4. Anyone can use the ESW system, but you have to register first. Registration is easy and you can do it online on the ESW public website ( (PLEASE NOTE: This function will not be available until January 2017)
A5. The ESW will be user friendly, however, training is being provided. Live training sessions have already started and training material will also be available online. If you wish to attend a training session, please contact us at .
A6. If you decide to continue using the paper process and not take advantage of the many ESW benefits, you may continue to do so for a limited time. However, at some point, the government will rely solely on the ESW site for issuing trade documents and will no longer accept paper applications and forms.
A7. Information about the ESW can be found on our website at