Training Resources

Online Training Modules can be used to train yourself or others on the Barbados Electronic Single Window. Each module covers a distinct topic and consists of up to three parts, a slide presentation, a guide which contains speaking notes for the presentation, and, at times, videos.

Training Modules, while useful individually, have been combined into various training packages.

A complete training package for a particular audience appears on this screen based on the user’s current role in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (e.g., Trader/Broker, Licensing Officer, Manager or Inspector) For a complete training, review all modules for a given role then return to this page after selecting another role and review the additional modules.

Pre-Registration Modules
Benefits of an ESW Presentation Guide
ESW Overview Presentation Guide
How to Register in the ESW Presentation Guide
Registering in the ESW System Video
Registering in the ESW System as a Trader Video
Registering your Company in the ESW Video
Registering in the ESW as an Employee of a Government Agency Video